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Taking a Look at by CHLOE.’s First Location in Pinpointing the Restaurant’s Success

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

With new locations opening across the United States and world, by CHLOE.’s allergen-friendly menu and vibrant aesthetic continues to draw in diners of all kind.

By CHLOE. & its dessert shop, Sweets by CHLOE., located on Bleecker Street.

“Being 100 percent vegan already attracts those who are vegetarian and vegan,” said Sweets by CHLOE. employee Tatiana Clark. “There aren’t a lot of vegan bakeries out there, especially not in New York.”

Just a block south of Washington Square Park, the first of the fast-casual chain, by CHLOE., opened its doors back in 2015. Since its opening, the eatery has drawn locals and tourists alike in taking a bite of the vegan lifestyle the restaurant has built a brand off of. Offering a wide-range of food that those who eat vegan have to miss out on, like burgers and baked goods, the establishment has perfected their recipes in so far as drawing in visitors who aren’t vegan themselves.

“We promote veganism, but we don’t force it,” said Bleecker Street employee Jillian Grossberg of the restaurant’s mission.

This is the case for Angela Yago, who frequently visits by CHLOE. simply because of how good she considers the food to be, despite the fact she isn’t vegan. With creative entrées like sweet potato-cashew macaroni and cheese, and pesto meatball sandwiches made from portobello mushrooms, the restaurant takes a creative approach to classic meals, prioritizing taste and wellness. Furthermore, several menu items can be made gluten-free, drawing in those with gluten intolerances as well.

“I think they have a lot of great options for food and those options happen to be delicious,” said New York University student Veronica Kostinsky. “I think they take vegan food and turn it into something that’s surprising, creative and a great experience.”

The restaurant’s success isn’t due to its inclusive menu alone, however. The restaurant is highly conscious of its aesthetic appeal as well, said Grossberg. “We try to make everything picturesque,” said Grossberg. “Everyone who works here is young, including the creative director, so everyone understands the aesthetic.” The aesthetic Grossberg details on consists of vibrant colors accented with Art Deco patterns. The establishment’s chipped, white brick walls and and swinging chairs that hang from the ceiling contribute to its playful ambiance, as well.

Those visiting the eatery will also realize cleanliness is at the restaurant’s core, with a well-kept condiment table and eating area. Cleanliness is a priority behind the counter as well, as the restaurant has earned an A-rating by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for 2019.

At the restaurant’s sweet shop next door that also earned an A-rating, Sweets by CHLOE., a similar aesthetic is upheld. Above the shop’s condiment table stands the joint’s popular neon sign that writes, “You batter believe it!”

A neon sign on the wall of Sweets by CHLOE. that’s frequently pictured by visitors.

“We’re open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.,” said employee Tatiana Clark. “From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., this is the main attraction,” said Clark as she pointed to the neon sign. People aged 18 to 25 come and visit the shop, many of them taking pictures of the lit-up sign, added Clark.

Many of these images, of the sign and even the food, are then shared online, providing the restaurant with a strong social media presence. On Instagram alone, 287 posts have been shared with the hashtag #youbatterbelieveit, and over 36,400 images have been shared with the hashtag #bychloe. Various foods are shown from their creative salads to their colorful baked goods, demonstrative of the restaurant’s wide-ranging menu. Pat Smith, a recording studio intern who works near the Bleecker Street joint, said the restaurant is a favorite of his co-workers. Having been on numerous runs to by CHLOE., Smith noted “I’ve never gotten the same thing twice.”

The #bychloe search page on Instagram, featuring all images posted using the hashtag.

These images aren’t limited to the restaurant’s Bleecker Street location, however. Since its opening, more than 13 by CHLOE. locations have opened throughout New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Providence, and London, where similar images are taken and shared.

The location featured can be found at 185 Bleecker St.

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